eScan for Linux File Servers
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eScan for Linux File Servers

With the significant increasing usage of Linux web servers across the globe, IT security is often considered as strength of the platform. However, the server can be compromised due to a poor security configuration. Threats such as usage of web server as a spam-sending relay, or as a source of malware and other such malicious activities are possible. Ensuing security of the entire server and services with a highest level of protection is required to avoid the risk of being compromised in order to protect your intellectual property and data.

eScan for Linux File Servers is a reliable virus scanning software for workstations and servers running on Linux. It offers a complete and secure Anti-Virus Security Solution that detects and removes over 1,20,000 viruses, Trojans and other cyber threats. It scans files automatically so that viruses are quickly detected and removed.

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Looking for Benefits? Here they are!
eScan Status

eScan Status

eScan for Linux File Servers has a menu that gives important information such as the date of virus signatures were downloaded, the Anti-Virus engine version and the total number of viruses that can be detected and removed.

Auto Scan Schedule

Auto Scan Schedule

You can set a schedule to automatically scan your system at a preset time. You can also set the actions that should be run when virus infected files are detected.

Scanning Files and Directories

Scanning Files and Directories

eScan allows you to select different objects in your system and scan them for viruses. You can select and scan any directory or file, your whole computer, directories in your system and also running process for memory resident viruses.

Other Highlights
  • Real-time Intelligent Monitor to guard your system
  • Configuration and management through a web interface
  • Ability to scan files automatically as they are modified and closed in real-time
  • Quarantine the infected files
  • Skip scanning of files with specified extensions
  • Scans files in real time with the specified include directories
  • Exclude scanning files in real time with the specified exclude directories
  • Command line scanner for automation and scheduling
  • Automatic and manual download of updates
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Operating Systems:
• eScan for CentOS CentOS 5.4
• eScan for Fedora Fedora 11 (64 bit)
• eScan for RedHat RHEL 6 | RHEL 5 | RHEL 4
• eScan for Suse openSUSE 11.3 (32 bit)
• eScan for Ubuntu Ubuntu 9.04 | Ubuntu 9.10 | Ubuntu 10.04
Version Info: Current Version - 5.x

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